What does one ask God, when their life is great?

Their parents are proud of them

They are going through therapy

They have a happy relationship

They feel fulfilled at work

They survived years and years of depression, neglect, and existencial horror

All with the help of friends, philosophy, and unwillingness to quit

Survived it all with anger in his heart towards the universe.

Took strength from life’s challenges

Cursed away the meaninglessness

Why talk to god now?

What would I want?

I need nothing from god.

Normally people become curious about it when their lives suck.

Mine doesn’t, and even if something very good or bad happened I would just assume it was going to happen without god interfering.

Getting a job as model?

Getting promotions at work?

Passing my last subject at college?

Feeling creative and mastery in what I care about?

All of those rest uppon my shoulders alone

Maybe I just want something to give others, something I don’t have.

Well one thing that isn’t in my power and would really surprise me, would be Brazil become the world’s best place to do business in.

Like politicians would just vote away their priviledges, and just vote for more open business practices and making it extremelly easy to navigate our judicial system.

And done by the end of next year. That would be something that would seriouslly change my mind.

But again, I wouldn’t count. This is something humanity has to achieve for itself.

I can’t see a way to fit in god in the picture.

But I do want people’s lives to drastically improve.

It’s weird that I normally only write when depressed.

But that’s what I have to give now.

Who are you?