I am You

When does this end?

Enlarged prostate makes peeing harder

When does it end?

No cameras
No phones
No networks
No people
No hypocrisy

No evilness

No goodness
Just nothing

Forgetting to look ambitious

Forgetting to be a person
I have a job
I have shit to do

And here I am
Writing poems
Whilst shitting

That’s the time I have, or so I tell myself

Between reading, consuming news
Social networks
I jerk off to let off some steam

We are monkeys that jailed themselves



Smoking is sexy


To light fire so close to your mouth

shows you like danger

You are misterious



But apart from all that alure

I still can’t cope seeing relatives losing teeth and having to go

through several years of treatment to rebuild their gum

It’s disgusting really

and very expensive

to try to look a little more human

and less a decrept diseased scum

Gum disease is a bitch

So before you go around giving blowjobs to anyone and smoking like your life depends on it

Make sure you clean your teeth



Schedule your priorities
Only then prioritize your schedule

In the world after college, you only get to do the things you schedule time for

No more waiting for the moment

If you wanna work out

Put on the agenda

If you want to write

Put it down

If you want to relax

Put. It. Down.

Else it won’t get done

Nothing ever gets done if it needs your motivation to be done




I’m drunk on life at this point
While I depended on being actually drunk to write

Now waves of spiritual drunkenness just wash me
Wash me away
And I take just another sip

Just another drink into madness
And I look at the shore
People walk by to grab coconuts on the beach

I just watch
I watch their lives unfold as waves come by

Cold water
And coconuts



Spit it out
No helping
Just spitting it out

Self preservation

I am afraid of the new age
The new people
The people that think differently than me.

How could they?

How could anyone doubt my thoughts?

Don’t they know that my thoughts are me?

And if they show how wrong my thoughts are, I’ll be killed in the process?

I don’t like it, I’ve lived my life so far by being right.

Everyone else is wrong.

They have to be.